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IWTPC is such a campaign that guide us to make our Earth more Green and Pollution Free. In present context, it is very significant for our society. So as a member of the human society we should participate in such programs and simultaneously encourage other to join them.

We set a target of 10 lacs Trees to be planted in upcoming three months.

EFBM is Environment Friendly Business Module that mostly based on organic agriculture and renewal energy resource.

There are easy Six Steps to join EFBM and developed your own enterprises.
Step # 01: Meet with our Representative.
Step # 02: Discuss and Finalize the Module that suit with your ability.
Step # 03: Download On-line EFBM Application Form.
Step#04: Fill properly and Upload Form with Required Documentation.
Step # 05: After getting Approval Mail deposit Consultation Charge in specific company account.
Step # 06: Now Start your own Firm under EFBM Platform.

An Energy Audit is an in-depth check carried out on a building or equipment to assess the amount of energy being utilized & exploring opportunities for energy conservation without affecting the output.

Charges of Power Audit depends upon the span of electric wiring.

On the basis of Power Audit Report ( PAR ) we will guide you to take necessary steps to reduce Power Consumption with out compromising your requirement. This is called Power Consultation.

MPPT Solar units such products that can be charged by low intensity Sun Light.

In this program we offer people to Adopt Mahogany Tree at least for 8 years.

You have to spend INR. 6000/- per Mahogany Tree for Eight ( 8 ) Years of Adoption Period. Please read Adoption Packages for details.

Every Adopter will get 20 cf. Export Quality Mahogany Wood having market price around INR. 40,000 to INR. 50,000 at the end of Adoption Period.

If you havenot any place to sell the Mahogany Wooden Log then you can sell that wood to us @ INR. 2000 per cf.

If you havenot any place to sell the Mahogany Wooden Log then you can sell that wood to us @ INR. 2000 per cf.

There are easy Four Steps to Adopt a Mahogany Tree as follows 
Step # 01 Visit and Sign Up in our official website to download the Adoption�s Agreement Form.
Step # 02 Fill the Adoption Agreement Form in Capital Letter and Upload it along with the required documents, mentioned in the Form.
Step # 03 After receiving Approval by E-Mail you should deposit the said amount in the given A/c Number that mentioned in the Approval E-Mail. Upload the payment received to our website.
Step # 04 With in a week you shall get the copy Adoption Agreement along with the Adoption Certificate

Just download Workshop Joining Form and upload it after proper fill up. Confirmation and other details of Workshop is informed you by Email.

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